Fluid End Valves For Pressure Pumping Standard Plungers: 2”, 4” and 5” Sizes


Fluid End Valves For Pressure Pumping Standard Plungers: 2”, 4” and 5” Sizes





Vex Valve brand Fluid End Valves provides premium performance in the most demanding coiled tubing, cementing, and hydraulic fracturing pressure pumping applications.

Why choose our valves, seats and inserts

More Efficient

Vex Cv is 15% greater than competitors, resulting in lower flow velocities, lower wear, and lower power required to produce equivalent pressure.

Lighter Poppet

Vex poppet is 10% lighter than Weir-Novatech and NOV-Mission, resulting in lower impact forces on the seat which extends seat life.

Advanced Insert Design

The Vex insert bumper (seal) is made of a proprietary urethane and uses a proprietary curve which together decrease stresses, increase operating temps, and improve resilience and rebound in the nastiest oil and water based fluids.

More Cost Effective

Long lasting Vex Valves increase the time between required maintenance and reduce the per hour costs of pressure pumping jobs.

Vex Valve Insert Property Comparison

Property Vex Valve Other Valve
Seal Rebound 60% 30%
Max Temperature 275° 200°
Tensile Strength 8,000 PSI 6,000 PSI
Deformation 25% 35%

Made with Uncommon Expertise

The Common Fluid - End Valve

Extensive flow modeling and testing were used to maximize flow rates. VEX Valve efficiency improved to 69Cv from the industry standard valve of 55Cv. This is something that you cannot find in other brands of full open fluid end valves.

Vex Valves are distinguished by their curved blue inserts which resist hydrolysis and minimize stress, both of which increase life.

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